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How to Do a Revitalizing Facial Massage at Home (Spa Techniques)

Posted by Mackenzie Allen on

young beauty woman massaging her face

When we are stressed, it can be apparent in many ways. We rush between our daily activities, grabbing fast food on the go, and struggle with sleep.

The stress also begins to appear in the lines of our faces, the inevitable places where we hold tension. To combat this, we must learn to slow down, relax, and take time for self-care.

A revitalizing facial massage can relieve the stress from your face, as well as produce a multitude of other benefits. In this article, we will discuss these benefits, as well as give you simple steps to follow for your soothing at-home facial massage.

girl in bathroom with towel and mirror does facial massage on her forehead with her hands

Benefits of Facial Massage

Performing a facial massage not only affects the superficial top layer of our skin, but its benefits extend to the very foundational muscles of our face. We can treat conditions that go far below the surface, which can cause a chain of helpful effects, improving overall health and wellness.

Here are some of those important benefits:

1. Improves Circulation, Reduces Acne

This study showed that, with the help of a massage roller, the blood flow of the skin can increase. Increased circulation means more oxygen and nutrients are getting to your skin, allowing it to perform its functions.

Good circulation has a brightening effect; a naturally healthy glow that indicates your skin is performing at its peak. Many people promote olive oil massages to fight acne. Even though a lot of people think that touching your face is increasing oil, the opposite may be true.

Facial massage improves blood circulation, which can help acne. When you massage your skin cells, it is said that you are loosening the clogged tissue that causes swelling. This can then improve your complexion.

Not only that but massage lowers stress levels, which can then keep the hormones that cause acne in check. However, research is still limited on this topic.

2. Makes Skin Look Younger

As we age, muscles lose their tone due to decreases in collagen and elastin. This results in the formation of jowls, loosening of skin around the eyes, and drooping of the face. The drooping causes folds, which in turn deepens into fine lines and wrinkles that greatly age us. 

A long-term result of improved circulation is a boost in collagen and elastin. This boost is caused when the right nutrients are getting to the skin, allowing for more production of these significant proteins. This allows the smoothing of your complexion, with less noticeable fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial massage can help lift the face by toning the face muscles. Just as exercise helps tone the muscles of the body, exercising the face through facial massage and face yoga can act as a DIY facelift on the contouring of drooping skin.

When using a massage device and cream, it has been shown to have an improvement on wrinkles and sagging and texture of the skin. This is done through the expression of dermal proteins, which can cause anti-aging benefits.

3. Reduces Sinus Pressure

If you suffer from uncomfortable sinus pressure and congestion, try giving yourself a facial massage. Massaging the sinuses can cause drainage of mucus, decrease headaches, and allow a better flow of circulation.

4. Reduces Puffiness

When your skin looks puffy, this is often caused by a slow-functioning lymphatic system that has either a buildup or blockage of toxins. Using a gentle massage technique known as lymphatic drainage, you can drain these toxins, allowing you to de-puff the swelling. Lymphatic drainage massage focuses on the lymph nodes located on the neck and behind the ears.

5. Relief of TMJ Conditions

Those suffering from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues may get some relief from trigger point massage. These conditions are characterized by the discomfort of the face, most notably the jaw. Symptoms include lockjaw, headache, or earache. Combined with jaw exercises, your TMJ symptoms may be relieved from massage.

6. Improves Appearance of Scars

Massaging your scars may affect their appearance. This is because the massage increases blood flow, which can loosen up surrounding tissue, and then help flatten the raised tissue. Not only that, but massage can also help relieve painful and itchy skin. This study proved that the use of facial massage can help lessen pain and neutralize sensitive skin. It was also proven that facial massage can transform burn-related scars.

7. Ensures Full Incorporation of Skin Care Product

When massaging your face with your favorite products, this helps them penetrate more deeply into the skin. Activating the facial muscles, as well as the heat from your hands, allows the product to be more effective on your target areas.

8. Relieves Tension

And of course, the main reason we like massages: relaxation. As with a body massage, a face massage can relieve tense, tight muscles. We are less likely to let the stressors of our life overwhelm us when we are feeling relaxed and at ease. 

How to Do a Revitalizing Facial Massage at Home

Now that you know how beneficial facial massages can be, let’s get started. You don’t need to make a spa appointment; it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Now, we will give you an easy routine to follow to give yourself (or someone you love) a relaxing facial massage.

1. Wash your hands and face

Start by washing your hands and face. First, remove all your makeup. Then, use your favorite LilyAna Naturals Cleanser that works best for your skin type and skin need.  It is also important that your hands are cleansed of bacteria so as not to spread it to the face. Now you have a fresh and clean palette to work with. 

2. Apply a serum, oil, or concentrate

When performing a facial massage, the skin mustn’t pull or drag. Otherwise, the massage is doing more harm than good (and causing more wrinkles!). Choose a product that works best with your skin type. Below is an easy guide to beneficial ingredients and corresponding skin types.

  • Dry skin: Use almond or argan oils
  • Normal skin: Argan or retinol oils
  • Acne-prone skin: Rosehip seed, tea tree, or pomegranate oils
  • Oily skin: Jojoba or grapeseed oils
  • Sensitive skin: aloe vera or chamomile oils

You can use your favorite moisturizer, serum, oil, or concentrate. Make sure to use a small amount of your chosen product, applying it to your palms and then rubbing them together to evenly coat to your fingertips. This will allow your fingers to penetrate your skin without pulling it.

3. Start with the lymph nodes

First target the lymph area. Lymph nodes are located directly in front of and behind the ear. The nodes extend against your jawline down the sides of your neck. Starting in these areas allows the lymphatic system to be activated, which starts the process of detoxifying.

The amount of pressure you apply to your face should be enough to feel the muscles underneath the skin. This means that the pressure you exert should be firm enough to have a purpose, but gentle enough not to cause harm to your skin.

Massage the nodes with wide circles starting behind the ears and then slowly moving down the jawline and then back up. The circles should be going in the direction that you want the skin to go. For sagging skin, you will want to use circles that go up and then out, rather than down.

4. Target the jaw and cheekbones

Next up, move onto the face, continuing your circles down the sides of your jaw and onto your cheekbones. Pay attention to the areas with the most tension and keep up your circles for about two minutes. Targeting your problem area will help release tension. Move up to your temples, continuing circular motions.

Alternatively, press and guide your palms with a steady yet gentle movement. This is ideal for deeper pressure, pressing into the chin and working up to the forehead, then back down.

5. Next for forehead wrinkles

Start by pressing firmly on the area between the brows for a few seconds. Then repeat the circular motions, starting between your eyebrows and working your way up to the hairline. Make sure to continue the up and out movement, rather than going with the lines which further reinforces them.

Instead, going against the lines pulls them in the opposite direction, causing a lifting current of energy rather than a drooping one. Alternatively, press and glide your ring finger into the brow bone, moving outward. Repeat on both sides 5 times. 

Also, try pinching the thumb and first finger at the outside corners of the eyebrows, then sliding towards the inner corner.

6. Be even gentler with eyes

Because the skin in your eye area is so thin, it is important to use great care when massaging around the eyes. Start with pointer fingers on both sides of your nose. Carefully yet firmly move your fingers along underneath your eyes, then up to your temples.

Another massage that benefits the eye area can be done by placing your index fingers above your lips and middle fingers below your lips. Stroke your fingers up the sides of your face to your temple. This helps tone the skin underneath the eyes. Repeat 5 times.

7. Extend to the neck and collarbone area

Again going against gravity, begin at the chest area. Press your fingertips up the neck and end at the jawline. Vertically run your fingertips from the bottom-up, using light strokes.

Facial Massage Types and Techniques

Once you’ve mastered these very easy techniques, you can begin to play with more specific techniques to target your needs. The following types and techniques can be extremely beneficial for your improving your skin health:

Types of facial massage:

  • Acupressure: This type of massage is great for restoring energy flow in your body, whether you have problems with things like insomnia, stress, or skin conditions. Acupressure points are said to be located along energy channels called meridians. Certain points are said to have corresponding effects. Massaging these points 30 to 60 seconds each daily is said to greatly improve the muscles of your face as well as skin tone. 
  • Sinus: Sinus massages are easy to do on your own. Target 1 of the 4 sinus areas by using gentle pressure and the heat from your hands to help release mucus buildup in your sinus areas.
  • Swedish: This type of massage is used to cause relaxation of the muscles and improving circulation, targeting superficial muscles rather than connective tissue. The 5 massage techniques used are effleurage, kneading, friction, tapping, and stretching.
  • Gua sha: Gua Sha facial massage typically involves the use of a smooth stone gently scraping the face to relieve tension, improve circulation, drain the lymph nodes, and reduce puffiness. It is said to work through the break up of fascia, which is the connective tissue that can decrease blood circulation. Gua sha tools include jade or rose quartz plates, metal plates, rollers, and even spoons. 
  • Shiatsu: Originated in Japan, Shiatsu massage targets muscle tension, anxiety, and stress through the use of a finger-press technique. 
  • Reflexology: This type of massage for the face works through the correspondence of specific points corresponding to other areas in your body. By targeting the specific pressure points on your face, it is said to stimulate other areas of your circulatory and nervous systems, as well as boost energy. 
  • Lymphatic drainage: Lymphatic massage includes gentle caresses of the face which can help with puffiness, fluid retention, as well as improved blood circulation. It is said to remove toxins within your system, allowing healthier skin cells. Jade rollers are sometimes used in the performance of this massage.

Facial massage techniques:

  • Jacquet pinching: This technique is a dry, deep tissue facial massage. It is performed through small kneading and pinching movements. Common benefits are reduced puffiness, decreased bags under the eyes, and a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles. It is said to work through the stimulation of skin tissue along with heat to help repair and regenerate skin. It is also said to be helpful to make cells more receptive to skincare products.
  • Tapping: The tapping method is said to stimulate blood circulation, which is associated with collagen production. This technique could help prevent signs of aging.
  • Vibrations: Vibration massage includes the use of a trembling movement performed by the hands or fingers. There are also sonic vibration massagers that can mimic this movement. Vibration is said to help stimulate the nerves, decreasing stress and tension. This may suggest collagen production is increased which can strengthen this skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Effleurage: This is a massage technique that involves a repeating circular stroke of the palm, causing friction. The temperature of the skin increases, which then increases circulation, promotes relaxation and encourages lymphatic drainage.
  • Kneading: Using the knuckles or the fingers, kneading is a technique that helps loosen tight muscles, increasing their flexibility, as well as decreasing pain. The deep pressure of this technique is what allows it to break down and realign collagen fibers.
  • Cupping: The cupping technique for the face includes suction cups, stimulating the skin and underlying muscles. It gets the blood flowing, which can help muscle tension, promoting cell repair and regeneration.

You can find tons of helpful tutorials online featuring these types and techniques of facial massage. Talk to your dermatologist or esthetician, then experiment and find what works best for you.

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Incorporate Facial Massage into Your Skincare Routine

Tailor the routine to your individual needs and what feels good. We recommend dedicating 5 minutes every few days to this important act of self-care. Add it to your nighttime routine as you apply your favorite LilyAna product, giving your skin the time to perform its functions as you sleep.

In combination with a monthly visit to your facialist, you are syncing with your skin renewal cycle, ensuring softened, lifted, toned, healthy, glowing skin. 

Disclaimer: this article is meant for informational purposes only. It is not meant to displace the advice of any health care professional.
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